Our Productions

  • Soundproof Booths

  • Carpentry

  • Mezzanines

  • Safety Nets

  • Design and Implementation of Custom Stairs

  • Furniture Acessesories

  • Frames

  • Third Partie Processing

Our Philosophy

ZEMAC is a company established in 1987. ZEMAC's product portfolio includes industial sound insulation cabins, metal carpenters, prefabrications, stainless stell manufacturing and furniture supplements. In the last years it has become an important Italian production reality; a progressive growth sees ZEMAC developed into two offices close to Milan, one in Agrate Brianza and the other in Concorezzo. One of these offices is administative, and the other is a tecnical office.
ZEMAC is able to satisfy and develop different kinds of metal constructions; our experience, the use of innovative systems and tight synergistic connection with the customer, is enabling us to find solutions able to guarantee the quality and the competitiveness, arguments market is actually asking more and more.
Willingness to cooperate, flexibility and inventivness are our powers, since we are a dynamic and simple structure and wwe follow step by step all customer needs, producing custom made.

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