ZEMAC is an assemblage of professional resources which ca realize, in a short period of time a quality project, respecting costs and delivery times. ZEMAC can supply the following services:

  • Inspections with dimensional checks and environmental context with phonometric survey.

  • Viability analysis, choice products, study of the layout, cost analysis.

  • Writing up the working drawings.

  • Prototyping.

  • To complement, ZEMAC is supplying extractor and ventialation systems, automatic locks, security systems and lighting systems.

  • Assistance and/or installation realized by qualified personnel, which has been hand-picked over years of experience.

  • Integrations, changes, modifications and interventions.

ZEMAC is also supplying spare parts for the single damaged elements, during the entire life cycle of the structure; a dabase system is allowing us to the product that has been supplied to the customer.

Complete Customer Satisfaction!
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